" You are going to do magical things and touch many people's lives everywhere. Your words are inspiring and encouraging and know they will stay with me for a lifetime to come. Cheers to health, love and many adventures ahead of you!"

"I have been taking weekly yoga lessons with Heather for the last year and she has changed my life. I could barely bend forward to tie my shoes when I started with her. I am now able to do things that I never thought possible.”

“She has patiently and thoughtfully developed a program for me that has given me a new sense of my body. Classes with her are a cleansing of body and mind. She is well versed on all forms and styles of yoga and uses this knowledge to gracefully guide you to a new feeling of freedom and comfort with your body.”

“She makes you want to push deeper. Her meticulous coaching on all the positions and movements allows you to maximize results of every session. Heather is extremely gifted and caring. Her lessons are a gift, and I feel quite fortunate to have the opportunity to experience yoga with her. "

"Her calm demeanor and soft voice bring a tranquil end to hectic days."

 "Her knowledge of the poses, and sensitivity to each individual's needs, rounds out to everyone enjoying, and being empowered with their own practice."


"Yoga with Heather is a loving experience as she comes from a place of no ego as a teacher, and is calm and confident giving guidance with no feeling of judgment." 


"Not only does Heather lead an empowering yoga class she also is in-tune and adept at leading one through a visualization journey. I have had and still have health challenges, and through visualization with Heather, I have been able to find a center where my life is much calmer and open to possibility of a complete and total healing."