Originating, and based in Big Sur, California; I’ve always had a profound connection to nature and an appreciation for the wondrous guidance, subtle reminders and synchronicities we experience throughout our lives.

Having somewhat of a unique and eclectic background to begin with, I tend to keep sessions interesting and sometimes playful - yet never stray far from yogic tradition. I travel internationally and can be found teaching yoga at retreats in Asia, Central America, the U.S. and wherever else my adventures happen to bring me next.


I believe in slowing down, living well and appreciating the mystery of life. 

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I am deeply passionate about sharing the gifts of yoga, and feel incredibly blessed to be able to travel and teach what I love.

 I offer yoga experiences; pranayama and meditation with visualization, and self-healing techniques. My classes are intuitively paced, with a focus on breath work and encouragement through the use of props. I am influenced and greatly inspired by Iyengar, and Kundalini yoga traditions. I truly believe everyone can benefit from yoga and invite you to experience the healing potential. In addition to exploring the world and teaching yoga - I also have many creative passions, including writing, photography, interior and clothing design. I am the owner and creator of ChalcedonyNovu, a very special, couture line of unique and feminine dresses.